(Located on Eastside of Runway)
Some are near a paved taxiway, with Solar Power as an option, however all lots under one acre have NO Water available (you must haul water on site).  A Hangar can be built on all these lots, most will not have any options for utility connections and therefore no living space options.  Extension of Paved Taxiways are owner's responsibility, please do your due diligence research before purchasing or making an offer on any properties:

 Calvada Meadows Airport Association (aka Calvada Aero Park Assn.)  All HOA owned lots have are now in the process of being sold)   If you are interested in any future lots that may come available please contact us.  email to:,   All potential Buyer's should perform their due diligence in researching the property before making any offer.  Note: Contact Great Basin Water Company to confirm if Water service is even possible to any lots and at what cost (most lots East of the Runway do not have access to water service and currently haul in water).  

SOLD  ($5,401)

SOLD ($6,051)

SOLD ($10,500)

Please refer to Nevada Revised Statutes for information on a quit claim deed transfer of sale.  There is no redemption period on property acquired through the this direct purchase from us.  Once you receive the recorded deed, the property is yours.  There is a period where a previous owner may protest Foreclosure or transfer of property during which title companies may not issue title insurance. You should contact a title company for more information regarding title insurance.