Some of our completed and ongoing projects in our airpark community


South Windsock "Before" cleanup


Nice touch! Landscaping showing Airport's Code.

New Fuel Tank Installed!

Calvada Meadows Airport now has AVGAS! Pay by credit card. Located near our new Tie-down area, across from our HOA community building.

You Board Members hard at work

Board of Directors for the Association are all out working today - Steve is digging the tie-down holes while Roy and Joan clear the dirt.

Runway closed for striping

We had to close the runway at the last minute while the wind died down so we could complete the striping of our runway after the sealing was completed the week before.


Thanks to the neighborhood crew that showed to assist in the tie-down project


Getting the tie-down holes ready for installation. Thanks to everyone who came out to assist!

Reseal Project

Resealing of asphalt on Runway is now complete

Seal New Transient Parking

Transient Parking asphalt is now sealed

Calvada Image-0672

Driveway from Jenny Circle to Community Building Parking

Calvada Image-0674

Transient Parking for visitor's planes. Tiedown cables to be installed

Calvada Image-0675

Community Building's dirt parking lot graded


Parking is getting better at our Community Building


Taxiway is prepped for asphalt and will finally be usable!


Eastside Taxiway gets wider


Asphalt going in quickly


Paving Project new driveway connects to taxiway


Old Aero Park sign needs upgrade.

Calvada logo-1728x864-mc

Our new signs will soon be ready to be swapped out. Look for them on Highway 160 soon!

Calvada Meadows Airport Association is comprised of Hangars, Homes, Hangar-Homes, plus Residential and Airport Related Commercial Lots that surround our private owned Calvada Meadows Airport (NV74) now open for public use (74P). Association Lots numbered 1 through 352 are part of the Airpark Association.  HOA Assessments and Annual Dues are just $300 per year!  Fly in and taxi directly to your property.  Taxiways are separate from all roadways.  Come and visit and see the development potential!  Grow with us in our unique airpark community.

Calvada Meadows Airport Association (CMAA)

dba Calvada AeroPark Association (CAPA)

1970 N. Leslie St. #546, Pahrump, NV 89060

Phone: 888-540-0250    Fax: 888-546-0080


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Calvada Image-0675

Community Building's dirt parking lot graded