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Owner's Information

 Important documents for owners and prospective buyers: 

Important Information for New Owners

ALL Lots on the Eastside of Runway DO NOT have water service available and most do not have electric service nearby.
ALL Commercial Lots DO NOT have Water or Sewer connections possible. 

Current regulations prohibit private Wells to be drilled or standard residential septic systems to tanks to be installed. 
Be sure you do your "due diligence" before buying! 
All properties within our Association are required to pay HOA Dues
As of 2021 - Current HOA Dues & Assessment are $300, per YEAR  

Next HOA Meeting Scheduled:
January 25, 2022 (10am)
Agenda & Ballots to be mailed to all Owners

Important Documents related to property within Calvada Meadows Airport Association:
(aka Calvada Aero Park Association)

Current Owners

Need your bill?

Email your

Name and Property Address

or Lot Number

It is the Owner's responsibility to pay their HOA dues and provide their updated contact information annually to the Association and it's management company (FCCMI) - see below for contact information. 

If you do not receive a bill for you annual assessment, you must request it and confirm your address is correct and in our database.  If you sell your property you or the Escrow company must provide us with the new owners information and date of sale or you will continue to be liable for your Association Dues.

Annual HOA Dues (payable to Calvada Meadows Airport Association), should be mailed to our management company:

P.O. Box 28759
Las Vegas, NV.  89126

Phone:  702-365-6720

Status of Water Service

All Eastside and Commercial Lots do not have any water service available.  In 2018, Great Basin Water Co. had proposed a plan to provide water to the Eastside Lots by 2020.  This plan was rejected by the PUC-NV (Public Utilities Commission), therefore with an estimated cost of over $2,000,000 there is no water service available now or likely in the near future.  Read here about the history of this... 

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